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Check causes of tyre wear

- Monday, June 02, 2008

Over the years, we've seen premature tyre wear too many times.

There are several reasons wear unevenly – from tyre pressures, worn steering or suspension components, trailer alignment, kingpin and turntable binding, etc etc.

Inspection of all front and rear suspensions, including steering components, is critical to achieving maximum longevity from all tyres.

Even if tyre pressures are down slightly, it will not only cause uneven wear, but will increase fuel usage and cost you, the owner, more money to replace tyres.

All front axle steering components and rear suspension components must be checked at regular intervals to prevent some of the causes of excessive tyre wear. These inspections can be carried out at your local Inland Truck Centres dealership, so be sure to book your truck in today to have this cost-saving maintenance carried out by our professional technicians!

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